Arkansas & Missouri Railroad



A&M Freight Tariff 3000 includes demurrage, joint-line, local and proportional rates for all A&M stations. Accessorial charges, such as switching, weighing and diversion charges can also be found in this tariff.

Freight Tariff AM 3000-Y          Supplement 4

A&M Freight Tariff 4002 includes Rule 11 rates for dimensional shipments of turbines or transformers originating or terminating on the A&M's line.  All accessorial charges related to such shipments are also included in this tariff.

Freight Tariff AM 4002-P

AM Fuel Surcharge Tariff 9503-D outlines the applicable fuel surcharges assessed on all Rule 11 freight handled by the A&M.  For ease of use, there is also a link to a table outlining the monthly fuel surcharge rates.  
Fuel Surcharge Tariff 9503-D                                                                Current Fuel Surcharge Rates