Arkansas & Missouri Railroad



A&M Freight Tariff 3000 includes joint-line, local and proportional rates for all A&M stations. Accessorial charges, such as switching, weighing and diversion charges can also be found in this tariff.
Freight Tariff AM 3000-W     Supplement 6

A&M Freight Tariff 4002 includes Rule 11 rates for dimensional shipments of turbines or transformers originating or terminating on the A&M's line.  All accessorial charges related to such shipments are also included in this tariff.

Freight Tariff AM 4002-N 

AM Fuel Surcharge Tariff 9503-D outlines the applicable fuel surcharges assessed on all Rule 11 freight handled by the A&M.  For ease of use, there is also a link to a table outlining the monthly fuel surcharge rates.  
Fuel Surcharge Tariff 9503-D                                                                Current Fuel Surcharge Rates

For A&M specific demurrage rules and charges, click on the below link for Item 35.  For all revisions of Demurrage Tariff RIC 6004, including general rules, click on the link to Demurrage Tariff RIC 6004.

Demurrage Tariff RIC 6004 Item 35 AM (effective 1/1/2020)                    Demurrage Tariff RIC 6004