Arkansas & Missouri Railroad


tie gang 2As part of continued efforts to maintain and upgrade infrastructure, tie gang1
the A&M invests in an annual track program.
Under the 2015 program, the A&M will be replacing six turnouts, executing a major upgrade to a crossing at Highway 264 in Springdale, Ark., installing additional tracks at the new OTI Butterfield facility, rail grinding, and completing multiple drainage projects along the main line. Other regular maintenance items include weed spraying and brush cutting along the A&M's right of way, dumping some 5,000 tons of ballast and the replacement and cleanup of old ties.  
The tie replacement and cleanup is already underway on the A&M.  This year's program allows for the installation of approximately 12,000 ties along the A&M's main line, from Monett, Mo. to south to Exeter, Mo.  An additional 6,000 ties are scheduled for replacement in Bentonville and Van Buren, Ark.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Tie crews hard at work, despite weather conditions                        Clean track after tie replacement   

According to Maintenance of Way Manager Randell James, crews consisiting of both A&M workers and sub-contractors are working diligently to complete the tie replacements and cleanup ahead of the busy spring and summer seasons.    With only ten maintenance of way workers and 150 miles of track to maintain, the 2015 Track Program will keep the department hopping all year!